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A normal week for Your Buddy Next Door!

Hello neighbors. It's your buddy next door. Mason, Stewart. And I'm so happy that I get to be able to be here today with you. Whether you're watching this, whether you're listening or reading it through the blog, I appreciate each and every one of you for stopping on by for listening, for, uh, talking with me.

Um, all of that this week was fairly interesting because it differed a lot from my other. And the reason for that is because this week it was very much a rough week for myself. Um, I thought, um, this Tuesday that I had a voiceover workshop and I was really looking forward to it, but they apparently had some glitch with their system and the actual class I signed up for wasn't for two more weeks. So that kind of actually set the tone for my whole week. Monday was really good. I woke up, I worked out, I did everything that I needed to, and then that day came, I was super stoked. I was getting ready. And then. I didn't have zoom information for the class. So I reached out and they were like, oh, we've been having this weird issue. We thought it was resolved, apparently, it's not, but the classes until the 17th and that bummed me out, like super hard, because I was very excited to get back into the groove, start doing some classes to do more coaching. Like we talked about before in last week, unfortunately, it didn't happen. And unfortunately, I let it affect myself cause that's really, that's really what it boils down to. Right. There was nobody trying to be malicious or anything. It was just me letting it affect my mood and my day.

So I know that I kind of went back into very lazy Mason mode. Right. And what that means is I pretty much worked. I did auditions still. So that was good. But when I wasn't doing auditions, it wasn't doing marketing. It wasn't working. I just played video games that didn't work out. I didn't eat really well this week. Uh, there were a lot of different things that happened. And so because of all of that, um, it was a really hard week for me because, you know, when you're in that kind of a mood, it's really good for like the first day, maybe two days. But after that and doing that.

That lifestyle for that, even that short period of time, it weighs on you're like I could be more productive. I could be doing different things. Um, I caught up on my scripture reading, uh, later in the week because I was feeling that way. And while I was reading, um, in the scriptures, whether you're religious or not, everybody can find inspiration in different ways. For me. I find a lot of inspiration when I read my scriptures and, um, I just got this overwhelming that I need to be more on top of, you know, limiting my time, playing video games, or at least, you know, doing better things. And it reminded me, so in my church, Each year, there are two general conferences is what they're called, they're called general conference. So think of it like a con you know, Comic-Con anything, but this is very religious, right? Um, not a lot of cost plays going on if you know what I mean. And a couple of years ago, one of the leaders of the church gave a talk and it was called a good, better, best. And really he outlined something that is super important for anybody. No matter if they're religious or not, he obviously related it to religious things and I take that to heart, but it can be used in our lives as well.

There are good things that we can be doing each and every single. But out of those good things and out of the choices that we have in a day, we have a myriad of different choices. And out of the choices that we have, each choice has some choices, right? What you choose for breakfast, what you choose to wear, what you choose to spend your time. All these things have an impact in our daily lives. So because of that, you have to look at it different ways, um, especially when you look at time and what we're using our time for. So there are good things that we can choose, right? It's a good thing to, you know, whatever it may be, but anytime there's a good choice, there can be a better choice.

They're going to be something that's just a little bit better, kind of like how we talked about that 1% better last week. There's always that one thing that we can do, that's just a little bit better. And then if you think about it, there's the optimal for pretty much any situation. There's an optimal choice. There’s something we can do. That's going to bring the most benefit to us, to those around us, whatever it may be. And that's the best option. Now one could look at my week and say that I was doing good things, right. I was doing auditions. I was, you know, spending time with my wife, but I wasn't taking care of everything that I needed to all at once. Right. There could have been better things I could have been working out. I could have been more diligent about my marketing efforts rather than just going through my list. Every single. And then there are the best I could've made cold calls. I could've gone and I could have spent time searching for more auditions.

So like I said, there there's good, better, and best that we can do in our life. And that was kind of the big thing for me this week is recognizing that. You know, there are good things. There are better things in their best things. I need to really be focusing on if I am doing the best things, right. And some days we may be only getting to the good and that's okay, as long as we can recognize it. And we try to do maybe the better thing the next day, or even jumped to the best thing, finding something to improve your daily life is really what it's all about. Um, as far as my week goes, kind of like I mentioned, um, as far as things that I did, um, a lot of just work, a lot of Overwatch to beta, which I have been having a ton of fun with. I love it. I think it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Um, as far as other things that happened on Thursday, Thursday, um, Overwatch league started, you can catch Overwatch league games, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays on their YouTube channel, uh, Overwatch. Uh, it would be Overwatch league on YouTube. Give it a look it's super ton of fun. Um, I've been enjoying it. Love seeing high level competitive video game play. It's very inspirational to me because I'm not that great at video games. So, it's really cool to be able to have the opportunity to see these young kids be able to really Excel at something that I.

That's fantastic. I love it. Um, my team, the LA gladiators, like I talked about before, we're going to talk about them. They've got another game coming up, uh, later today, today being Saturday the seventh. Um, so cheer them on. Uh, but they did play on Thursday. They were the opening game and they won. The game, they absolutely crushed it.

Beat the New York Excelsior. So we're up one on the season. That's exactly what we like to see should be fantastic season going forward. Recommend you all give it a peak.

Um, yesterday, uh, we had a really fun moment. My parents and my brother. And then, uh, later on my other brother and his wife and his child came over and we actually, my mom and I have this thing where like, maybe once every couple months we like to do a big cooking thing where we cook something fancy. And when I say fancy, it's like something you don't really cook in. You're kind of cooking it the traditional way. Um, so today, uh, not today, yesterday, they came over and my mom and I, we made NICU. NICU Monae is a Japanese style pork bun. Right? So think of like a big, nice dumpling filled with like a pork and like onion and ginger and you know, all the wonderful Asian flavors filling it up. It was absolutely delicious. It was a blast to make it definitely a labor of love. I think we started cooking it like 4 45. We finally got to eat at seven. Um, it should have started a little bit earlier, but definitely worth it. Super fun. Super yummy. And they started out like maybe, maybe like a dough ball about the size of like little bit smaller than my fist here. Right. And no joke. They came out like a big old bun. Right. Super risen! We had to buy like a bamboo steamer. It was tons of fun. I very much enjoyed it. I think if I could recommend anything to anybody, take some time out of your week or maybe like once every couple of months and cook something. Treat yourself right. Fast food's wonderful. I'm a big, fast food guy. I love fast food. I'm trying to eat healthier, you know, trying to cut back on that a little bit, but taking time to really do these recipes, the way that they're supposed to be done and way that they were traditionally done is super fun. Um, that's pretty much.

Everything with my week. I am recording this a little bit earlier on Saturday because we do have a long, long day ahead of us. We got to do some shopping, got to go and find my mom a mother's day present as well. And I'll cut into it a little bit. Short don't come at. Um, and then we've got a thing with some friends later on tonight. So I needed to get this done a little bit earlier. Did some yard work this morning, but that was pretty much my week. Um, so I want to thank each and every one of you again, for stopping on by for being a good neighbor, make sure you're asking questions in the YouTube comments on the podcast, on the blog. wherever it may be, you can find my Twitter as well at the end of this, send some questions there as well. We can answer them here on stream if you want, but I think that's going to be it for today. Neighbors.

Thank you so much for sticking by. Remember, find a way to improve yourself a little bit each and every single day. Find the good, the better and the best and find a way to make your choices, Be the best. Have a great week, everybody we'll catch you on the next.

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