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A spicy adventure!

Hey neighbors, it's your buddy next door Mason Stewart and I'm back in the booth with you again today. I love coming into the booth here and being able to, you know, kind of journal out my thoughts about the week and how things have been going. It's been a interesting week to say the least. So let's jump right into this weekly recap. And a lot of this isn't going to be separated so much as in previous weeks where I've talked, you know, solely about like voiceover stuff and then solely about other stuff, like stuff going on in my life. So it's going to be kind of intertwined. And the reason for that is because this week was a very big week for me. As you can see by my shirt. I'm wearing a Overwatch shirt. Overwatch too launched that a lot of issues, different stuff like that, but I took the week off of work, and I took the whole week off of work so I could play the game a little bit more, get more into it, different things like that, but also, I kind of wanted to test out myself to see how it would feel if I was a full time professional voiceover guy. Granted, I was kind of imagining you know, more jobs. I didn't get any jobs this last week, but I had a lot of auditions and I did a lot of marketing. I did a lot of different things. I added stuff to my Twitch stream, which we'll get to, but it was a very interesting week for me I have a lot more free time on my hands because I wasn't working an eight hour shift right I was able to get all my voiceover stuff done kind of in the mornings and that left me to be able to help out a little bit more than usual with like chores like dishes and laundry, cutting the grass without having to sacrifice time and something else. And that was something that was incredibly powerful to me. And I know that going forward whether I continue on the voiceover journey in like a year or so. Or if I'm moving on to something else. I know whatever, like my full time career will be in the future. It will be something that allows me to have that kind of free time, that kind of flexibility to be able to do the things that I want to be able to help where I can while still making money. So that's the that's the ultimate goal. And that's what I really learned from this week was that that is something that I want desperately is to have a job that is flexible enough that I can leave and do all of the things that I need to do when I want to do it. And I can work throughout the day rather than just like at set periods of time, like different things like that. So it's definitely something for me to keep my eye on and to realize that it's something for me. On the voiceover side. Like I said, I've had a couple of good marketing interactions among a couple of more voice over rosters. Getting ready and next week should be sending out my quarterly email, reminding people that I'm alive. And I'm a voice actor still, and I can do jobs for him. So a lot of stuff is about follow up. Looking forward though, we are doing a lot more Twitch streaming this week, obviously because we have a lot more time and we're doing Overwatch too. And I had a great thought come through from one of my family members. They said hey Mason, it would be a really good idea. If you like read a book on stream work on your enunciation or gone like audiobook performance. And you know you can kind of projected out into the world at the same time that you stream kind of generate more of an audience and I thought to myself, that is an amazing idea. I'm definitely going to do that. So we started doing less so if you're watching these videos that come out on Tuesday, keep an eye out every Friday now every Friday there will be a new series called The breakfast nook in the breakfast nook is all about just these reading sections at the beginning of my stream so gives you a little insight into my streams how those work, as well as you know, just hearing me read. Use it as a bedtime story. Use it during a workout or like a morning routine where you have nothing going on. I mean might as well right. And as far as updates, that's about as far as my updates go. Nothing too exciting has been happening. In my life. Really just you know, pushing along, chugging along really trying to make voiceover work. And there was an interesting quote that I heard this week. Let me pull it up. I'm going to try to pull it up really quick so that I don't forget what it is. Exactly. Oh I guess I need to turn on my keyboard

I mean let me let me find it. Sorry. I'm my brain and like I said, I tried to do this for

I tried to do this very organically and very raw, so I don't ever write anything down and so a lot of this is just coming so I didn't have this ready and I apologize but I think this is this is better. Let me find it. Hear this. This is what Warren Buffett if you don't know who Warren Buffett is. Warren Buffett is a very famous investor. A lot of investing money wise and that's how he made his fortune. This is a quote that I recently heard, and this is what he says he says, should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat? Energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks. Now in investment term, the way you think about that, right is if you're spending money, money, money, trying to patch different things, get things working correctly, rather than just changing boats to something that would just work immediately would probably be more productive. I've been thinking about this quite a lot lately, because of my voice over struggles. We've been over this like many, many different times. I've taken classes, I've done coaching all these different things. And so really, this really hit me hard and I've set a date for myself. I'm not going to publicly put that date out there but I've set a date for myself and if by that date. I'm not starting to see any improvement in my boats. In this case, like in this analogy in my boats, infrastructure. And I'm just patching leaks, I'm repairing and I'm doing different things and I need to move on. That's what it is and it's gonna be really hard. And we'll have an emotional video that day we will. But it's not going to be the end and I won't be a failure. It's realizing that something's not working and I'm moving on. That's what it is. So I'm very appreciative that you guys all stick with me. You guys hang out and do everything with me. But let's, let's go ahead. Let's go over to our food adventure now. Kind of get into a more happy subject. Also, recently, my sister who is an avid watcher of these Thank you Vixie told me that even if voiceover doesn't work out, I should definitely keep doing videos like food adventures and different things like that. And so I think I definitely will this is definitely something that I'll keep going. YouTube channel may change they may change but your buddy next door isn't going anywhere. So this week, my brother went to Walmart and he got some chips. And he's he took a picture of it. And he sent it to me and I'm like, Oh, I'd love to try those chips. He tried them and he said that they were too spicy. For him. And so he gave them to me. So I'm very excited to show you that we are trying the Pringles hot ones edition. So if you remember the hot ones challenge we did. They are now partnered with Pringles and they've got their own Pringles line. So this one is the lowest Kelly and Daisy verde. I didn't have the very day ones I had I had a Lowe's Kelly and days. It was a red sauce. So it wasn't a green sauce or one but I have had those kind of anti so this is kind of like a like a middle ground spicy for hot ones and stuff. You can kind of see by this. This chili here. It's about almost a little over halfway up the chili. But let's let's give them a taste, shall we? Holy cow yo I wish I wish I could infuse smell. Because these smells exactly like a hot sauce. Oh my gosh, my mouth is watering. They smell good. It smells like a good green salsa. If you've ever had like a green salsa. You get a nice whiff of it. You get like the cilantro and you get the aromatics coming out of that like from the toilet to and different stuff like that. That's exactly what this smells like. It smells so good. All right, I don't know if you guys can see I don't know if the ring lights going to do it but they are they are quite green, if you like they've got like a greenish hue about them. So they definitely have quite a bit of the hot sauce on there. So let's go ahead let's jump into this.

Let's try it out oh yeah I've got some kit that is spicy yo all those are friggin delicious, but they're spicy. They're good though. Our well problem is the perfect kind of spices my favorite kind of spice. He didn't ice Powell flavor right. And a huge burst of flavor like it was talking about when you have a salsa verde. You get this a laundry get at the Tomah to get like onion flavor, and then the heat creeps up. Oh, it's perfect. I don't know if I can eat more than that. I can already feel myself start sweating that shows him a white boy right there. Those are good. If you like spicy chips. Hit him up. That's like a solid nine out of 10 Those are freaking delicious. I'm gonna have these on my desk while I'm streaming. Eat them from time to time. keep me awake, you know? But thank you guys so much for hanging out with me and stopping by and we'll catch you guys on the next time. See ya

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