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Chicken and what is really important

Hey, neighbors, it's your buddy next door, Mason Stewart and I'm so excited to once again be back in the booth and get into this weekly update and our food adventure. I hope you guys are excited as well. So let's go ahead and let's review the week. For myself, my week was pretty good, actually really good week, it started off really slow, not a whole lot going on. But towards the end of the week, I was able to once a quarter.

So hold up, let me back up. This is gonna make more sense. If I backup

every day.

I take the time to schedule out emails for the following day, Monday through Thursday.

And I eat I do cold email marketing, right, I'm reaching out to production companies to other companies to see if they have any voice over needs that I would be able to assist them with.

Some don't like that. I mean, none of us are really like cold calling, or, you know, marketing of any kind. It's just kind of one of those things, but it's a necessary evil. So you do get some people that are like, Don't email me again. And that's fine. Totally understandable. And then you also get people that

say they don't have any voice over needs, which you know, it's a disappointment, but you're able to make contact and that's nice. And then you do have the few rare people that respond. They say, yeah, we've got a voice talentless and do some demos, or yeah, we'll add it to our talent list. And out of those people, I like to follow up at least once a quarter to make sure that I'm top of mind right reaching out saying, hey, any projects I can help you on right now. And I was able to get two really great

messages back I got one word, they're like, Yeah, let's add you to a roster. Let's get you going. Now it's fantastic. And then I also got one where they're like, Yeah, I'm we're actually pitching to this new dealership in the area that they're at a new car dealership where they're at.

And so they asked me to send them a sample. And that was really great. And it was so great. Because I had the time to do it. And they got back to me, I was able to get fast turnaround, I was able to make a really great impression with those people so great that they wanted to give me a little bit of coaching advice, which I did take into effect and take into effect I took into account for my own voiceover.

And it was really interesting for me to realize something that had been going on with my own voice over my auditions and different things like that, when I first got started in voice over, is through a company called Edge studio, fantastic. They have a lot of really great classes and everything. And their first thing it's like an introduction to voiceover, it's like $100, it's really great class, if this is something that you're interested in. And essentially, they go through, they talk about like the very basics of the business, different things like that. And then at the very end, they have you and everybody else in the class do a cold read. And then afterwards, maybe like a week later, they send you like a whole synopsis on if they think that you're a good fit for voice over anything like that.

And in this, I distinctly remember one line, and it says that you've got good tone.

You're you're able to make your voice do these different things like be sarcastic, be funny, be comedic, be serious, be kind, real person, all those kinds of things. But the one thing that they said that stuck with me more than anything

is that they said that my delivery was a little bit too slow for some reads.

And I at the time, and up until maybe like a week ago or so I took that to heart and I was like, hey, I need to not talk slow, I need to talk fast. And I've even noticed it in these videos. And in my everyday life that I have started to talk a lot faster. Because that, I guess is what they were looking for at that moment.

What I did, though, looking back on it and after this, this clients advice to me, I had to take a step back and think about what what I actually do when I'm recording. And so I went to listen to it and I was I was going really fast. I was sounding like an announcer Right? Like now now try the new rav4 Toyota blah blah blah I don't give time for any emotion or anything. And really my voice archetype in general is the guy next door that's why this is called your buddy next door right? That's the whole branding idea because that is where like mind character voice is. Now if you're talking to your buddy next door, they're not going to sound like try the new Toyota rav4 is gone.

A great suspension, it's got great tires that you are going to enjoy the drive, right? That's not something that that buddy next door would say to you.

Right, it would be something more along the lines of, hey, I got a new Toyota rav4. And it's got some great wheels, and it's got great suspension, I really enjoyed driving it.

That sounds like a real person, I'm adding pause, I'm not just going from one thing to the next. So I knew that in my actual recording, and in my editing, that's something I need to work on. And so

this was something I had worked on in the past. And something obviously, that needs a little bit more refinement for me to make it further into this industry. So I booked another coaching session with one of my favorite voice actors and one of my favorite teachers who is Dave Bisson, really big in the commercial world. So I'm doing some more with him.

To get that going Monday, Monday, my voiceover class starts, I'm really excited about that as well. And then I've got a marketing class and I'm doing

a marketing consultation, I guess I should say, in about two weeks. So I'm really excited about all of that.

I got shortlisted for a couple of good projects, got to sign an NDA for for some auditions, I've never had to sign an NDA for auditions. But that was really fun. And hopefully that pans out for something.

But in reality, looking at the week outside of voiceover, it was really interesting to me, where my focus was at after last week, because we talked about focus and, and making sure that we're focusing on the important stuff. There were a lot of times where I had some role at my job.

And at the beginning of the week,

I mentally told myself that you know what, I think this is a good opportunity to play some of the Overwatch to beta because it's going to run out of time, right? In my mind, I'm like, this is a good thing, because I'm taking the time to play a game that I'm not going to be able to play again until possibly October.

But then, maybe like Tuesday and the day, Tuesday, Wednesday, I was sitting there and I'm like, Man,

I could have been using this time for a lot more productive stuff. So I forced upon myself a limit that I wouldn't play any games until I've done all my auditions, I've done everything. And and I've spent time with my wife,

excuse me spend time with my wife, and really just taken into account how much I've done in a day. And I realized my video game time each day was dwindling, which young Mason would be very sad to see. But current Mason is very excited because that means I am moving forward in what I value the most. I'm putting a lot of time and a lot of effort into it.

And when you put time and effort into something that is showing love, and that's showing your priorities, right.

That's what it's all about whether you're religious or not, I think it's very important to look at one of the stories that Jesus Christ was able to provide for us. Right?

There were

there was this person, I don't remember the whole story exactly. But he gave three people these different sets of money, right? And he said, go take this money and do you know, be Be Smart with the money.

And then they all came back and they were reporting to the king what they did with this money.

And the first guy's like, oh, I took I took your $5 Right. And I I made it into 10. And the Lord's like, good job. That's awesome. Move on.

And then the next person's like, oh, I took the five and I turned it into eight, right? Maybe not as much. And the kings like, that's fantastic. Good job. And the next person comes up and they're like, I took the $5 and I put it under my mattress more or less, right? He says I buried it. That way, nothing bad would happen to you. And then I've got five bucks for you. And the king looks at him and he says I'm you know, I'm disappointed in you.

Like you didn't do anything with this that I gave you.

Now I specifically left out the name of what they called this money back in the day.

They call this money talents, how many talents were given to them.

And while money and talent, like drawing or voice acting or anything else, may not on the surface look relatable. Let's just take the money equation out of it.

If we're not spending our time

using the things that God has given us, in my case, my voice right. And my goal is to use my voice to evade

actually make money and to be my career, if I'm not proactively doing things to further that, then why on earth would I get anything in return?

Either through blessings from, from God or from the world, right? Nobody wants to put stock into somebody that's not taking anything seriously.

So that's my big thought for this week. Whatever we take seriously, is what the world what God what others our neighbors are going to look at and say that is what's important to that person.

That is what they care about.

So I hope that was insightful for each one of you. I look forward to reporting next week on how my classes are going.

But for now, we're going to get ready for our food adventure, and our food adventure. Let me go ahead and let me show you a bit about what our food adventure is. Our food adventure today is going to be the Jack Oh my gosh, it is flipped. Let me fix that for you. I don't know why they got flipped. There we go. But but above. It's called the jack Harlow meal. So if you don't know who Jack Harlow is he is kind of an up and coming rapper.

And he's partnered with KFC they have a deal going on. So I'm gonna hopefully go and get that. If they don't have it. I'll get something and review it from KFC, but I'm gonna go to KFC. So really what it is, is you've got a spicy chicken sandwich, some ranch dipping sauce for the fries, seasoned fries, some lemonade, I might switch out the drink, we'll see.

And mac and cheese. Now the interesting thing. So if you've seen the commercials and the way that you're supposed to supposed to eat this is you're supposed to put the mac and cheese on top of the chicken. And I'm a big spicy chicken guy. So this will be very interesting. So hold tight, and we'll get going on this food adventure. Hey, neighbors, we're back. We've got our food. So we're gonna go on this food adventure together. So like I said, we're getting the jack Harlow meal. Let's show you once more what that looks like. So you get a lemonade. You get mac and cheese you get seasoned fries, which you've never had from KFC. So this will be exciting. You get a spicy chicken sandwich branched it for the fries, and you're supposed to put the mac and cheese on top of the sandwich. Now, I haven't had the KFC spicy chicken sandwich yet. So I'm going to try it plain first and we're going to add some of the mac and cheese and we're gonna see how it goes. But first

you always got to start out with a fry. This is not all the fries they gave me they added like a whole bunch more in the bag. So I've got a lot of fries. But we're gonna try this because apparently it's got some special seasoning on it

yeah, oh,

those are crazy. Good.

That's a solid fried KFC.


Wendy's, I'm calling you out right now.

You gotta shove up your fry game. If KFC is getting better fries in new Wendy's

drive Brian the ranch

I get it.

It's not my thing. Milk. I'll be real not my thing. I think I like it better without the ranch. Now try some lemonade

just a good classic lemonade. Should you like all right onto the sand we Chico?

Okay. Oh, you get a nice strong pickle smell as soon as I take it out of the bag. That's good. Guy giant, giant pizza chicken. Got some nice dill pickles. You can get the nice dill smell. You can see the spicy sauce. So let's give it a bite. I'm going to kind of feel decide how I feel about the spicy chicken. Maybe next week we'll do a another tearless video and we'll go over spicy chicken sandwiches now. chicken sandwiches so


guys do not sleep on the KFC chicken sandwich. That's all freaking good chicken sandwich. The spices there. It's a nice spice. It's not like completely overwhelming. It's a different spice on a lot of the other spice places like you go to Chick fil A. And the whole fillet is spicy this the spice is mainly based in the sauce here. And you go to like Popeyes and that's

Like a cage and bass also tastes a little different. This is just like a nice spicy sauce if you want spicy sauce on your chicken All right, now we got to do it the jack Harlow way. Right? So we'll flip our bun off real quick

and you can see here we got our KFC mac and cheese. Now my entire my like my sister's siblings all of my siblings in laws swear by kfc mac and cheese but I never got mac and cheese going to KFC growing up we always got coleslaw and potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy. Which I am fine with.

KFC mac and cheese and not my favorite I know I know some slander from from the jolly crews gonna come at me for this but it just is what it is like it's it's decent mac and cheese like I wouldn't write home about it. You know?

Nice fake, cheesy ish taste. One's very kind of like over the top. That's okay, we got on the sandwich now.

Put our bun on.

All right, there we go. You can see you got mac and cheese at the top and pull back a little bit. There you go. Okay, spicy. Chicken Sandwich with mac and cheese. Here we go

they did not give me a napkin

Okay, for a second. I was worried because I wasn't getting any of the spice that I love so much from that sauce because the

the mac and cheese kind of covered it. But it came in at the end it came in on the back end. So I'm gonna give it a little bit higher of a score than my initial bite was going to be.

Just because that spice did come through eventually. And that's what I want in a chicken sandwich. I want that bite. I want that spice like the little pow little one too.

I don't think the cheese makes it all that much better. Like if I'm reading that chicken sandwich like on its own. I'd give it a solid eight. Five, add the cheese. It's like an 8.5 Maybe maybe even like an 8.2 Like it's not that much better.

You know what? That's a lie. I'm reading the sandwich and ate and with the cheese. I'm giving it a 7.9 I think it's a little bit less better. It just takes away from it. I'm not a huge fan but I think this is a delicious meal you're looking for good chicken sandwich milk. This is solid he gets some nice fries get dipping sauce. Maybe dip the chicken in the ranch. I'm not gonna do that. I'm not a big ranch person. Don't kill me. But yeah, I think it's great. Go try out the jack Harlow mill KFC not sponsored unless KFC wants to sponsor and then hit me up. Alright neighbors.

Nope, sorry. Got Bert there. Excuse me. Alright, neighbors. This is the time of the episode where we unfortunately have to say goodbye for a week but I will see you guys next time. Have a great rest of your week.

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