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Don't be a Doomer

Hey neighbors. It's your buddy next door Mason Stewart and guess what? We're back again. That's right. Two weeks in a row. We're doing good again. So we got we got a little bit to talk about today. It's gonna be it's gonna be a good talk. And then we've got a very interesting food adventure. So make sure you're watching all the way through to the very end. So let's jump right into kind of this week review. I was able to get one voice over job. So that's good. 250 bucks. So I mean, it's something I can't say too much other than that. But it's not like going to be a repeat customer or anything just based off of how that Job was obtained. So a little bit of a bummer there, but the shows that I can still do this, which brings us to the main focus. I've talked about this a lot before on if like, I'm gonna continue voice over different things like that. The definition of success, different things like that. We've talked about all of this on the podcast. And I in for lack of any better words. This last week, I had a little bit of a mental breakdown. And I was struggling very much in feeling inadequate, not just in voiceover but like being able to provide for myself and my wife and eventually our future kids through voiceover. Is it time to just throw in the towel because the industry is saying it doesn't want me different things like that. But more so than that impostor syndrome, hitting me. It was getting to my my self worth and my evaluation of myself and my skills and my success. And that was leading me to depression and anxiety and a lot of other not fun stuff. But I was able to talk with my dad for about 30 minutes this week, while he was kind enough to speak with me on vacation kind of helped me through this. And we had a long discussion about this, and in particular, like a spiritual side of it since we're both very religious. I won't bring that into here. Since this is just kind of like a it's not a religious podcast in any way. But I know that it was that that my religion and the peace that I can feel through it was the one of the main factors of me being able to get out of that slump. And I'm not in a different place. That's funny enough to say, I'm still struggling with the idea of knowing where I am in voiceover. And if this is something I can continue and make a living off of, or if this was just a thing that God provided for me in my life, to give me experience in different aspects of the world, in connecting marketing, learning about different things, things like that. There's so many different things that I've learned through voiceover that I wouldn't have learned any way else. And so there are a lot of ways that you can view hardship. And I'm trying to look at mine as I am working forward. Excuse me. I am working forward. No, that's not the word. It's not working. I'm looking. There we go, guys. I don't know what my brain is doing right there. I'm looking forward to whatever it brings. If it means I don't do voiceover and I take all the skills that I have learned and adding it to something new, then I'm excited for that adventure. I'm trying not to be a Doomer about what is and isn't going to happen and trying to figure that all out because that's an impossible task. I'm never going to be able to figure that out on my own. That's something that has to come with time. And so right now, like I've said in the past, I'm gonna keep doing voiceover. We're going to keep pushing through. We're going to keep powering through. And I'm going to try to make these weekly updates a little bit. more pertinent, better. Oh, no, I don't know what to talk what to say. But try to make it a little less serious and a little bit more fun little of the, we'll see what happens. So so that was kind of like the big thing this week other than work doing voiceover playing some Overwatch, we are able to celebrate my brother in law's birthday. My in laws and my my, my family. My on my on my wife's side. Love a restaurant around here in Utah called leather bees. Now, this was a place before marrying and meeting by Wi Fi and never been to I never even heard of it to be honest. But they love the place and that's where a lot of our birthday celebrations and stuff go they have amazing ice cream. I will give them that like they have some amazing ice cream some hot fudge. I mean like classic kind of like ice cream shop ice cream is really good. Really, really good. And my brother in law swears by their burgers and so I decided I was gonna get one I ended up getting the mushroom and Swiss burger that they had it was actually really good. I'm not gonna say it was like as good as like a Five Guys or anything but like, I would much rather have that burger that I had than I would like an In and Out Burger. But that's just me. I know there are a lot of people that love in and out. I think it's all just your nostalgia talking but I mean that's besides the point right? That's besides the point but yeah, that might week was kind of boring. And that's why I feel like these weekly update videos, maybe maybe get a little bit stale and that's why we do food adventures. You know, kind of spice it up. Sometimes try out something new. It's always a good time. And my sister last time I saw her was saying that even if voiceover doesn't work out that I should continue doing some type of like food review, content, things like that. So we'll definitely keep doing it. I enjoy doing that kind of stuff. I think it'd be super fun. There's a lot of reaction, taste testing stuff out on the internet. So I'm not thinking this is gonna like take off and become something but I mean, it's fun. And you guys enjoy it. And so that's why I'm gonna keep doing it. But that's gonna end our weekly recap and we'll jump straight into our food adventure because last week when I got that prickly pear, I actually grabbed two more items that I wanted to use on a food adventures. So we've got two weeks worth planned out. And guess what today we've got a Pringles can you guys see that? It's a Pringles can. You can you can see, it's a Pringles can. And this one is available only at Walmart. I didn't know this when I bought it, but it's only available at Walmart, which is where I happened to go buy that blast, last week's food adventure stuff. But the flavor. At least Pringles is Philly Cheesesteak. Now I may not have mentioned it here on the podcast, blog, blog, but I love Philly cheese steaks. And more accurately I love there's a place called DP cheese steaks stands for downtown Philly cheese steaks, and they make amazing cheese steaks. And I'm very sad because there was one at the point of the mountain in Lehi, and that was the closest one to me. And now it's like way, way, way, way past that. And it makes me sad, because now I can't get cheese sticks as often as I would like, but maybe, maybe just maybe Pringles here. has delivered a chip that I can use to satiate those urges that craving. So let's give it a shot Philly Cheesesteak. Philly Cheesesteak. Also, Pringles is trolling Lay's and all the all the bagged chips they got a little little thing here and it says nothing half full about this can say in their can is full of gyms where it's like you get a bag of chips. It's got all that air so they don't get crushed in packing. Very funny. Very, very funny. Okay, immediately give it a smell. It's a very mild smell. little hint of cheese. I don't get I don't get like a steak smell. But I mean, I wasn't kind of assuming that I would since it's just a Pringle. So it's always gonna start with one chip, see all the flavor works, and then see what the optimal number of chips it takes to get the right flavor that they're going for. So let's give it a shot Pringles Philly Cheesesteak? Let me go to chips here in a second. Hold on hold on

know what, they kind of nailed it. I'm not gonna say it tastes like meat. Don't get me wrong

but the taste of like, you get that onion that like caramelized onion flavor mixed in with the cheese. And then you get like a little hint of like, meat and you know, you know like chip meat because obviously things aren't gonna taste like meat meat in chips, but you can kind of get that that bread he tastes because of the potato in the chip Okay, okay Pringles. I see you bring those. Bring those

Pringles Philly Cheesesteak. We are going to go ahead. We're going to give these a seven out of 10 They're not they're definitely not going on like my top tier of chips, but this is really good. This is really good. Pringles make this available everywhere. Everyone should try it at least once I think is delicious. Give it a shot. But that's gonna go ahead and end our episode this week. Thank you all so much for hanging out with me once again here in the booth and I'll catch you guys next time. See ya.

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