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Hello Neighbors!

Hey neighbors. It's your buddy next door Mason Stewart. I'm here and I'm going to be doing either biweekly or weekly vlog posts, and I’ll be transcribing those into this blog, and you'll be able to see some either on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, any other social platforms that you might need now, you might be asking yourself, well, what do I need? Another blog or another podcast for, well, really that's really up. Like I said at the beginning, I'm your buddy next door, your best friend, the guy next door, whatever it may be. We're really here just to talk about different topics, but I think first and foremost, we need to discuss who I am.

So, my name is Mason Stewart, and first and foremost is that I'm a professional voice actor. You can kind of see from my background right now, I'm in my recording space. I love it! It's definitely something I love doing. I do commercial work, narration work, animation work. I've done a little bit in each of those and, you know, really looking forward to making it my full-time job. I do have a day job right now. I do quality assurance. Nothing too exciting, but I do love VO and really want to give it my all.

I think it's important that you know, I'm a family guy. Right now, It's just my wife, myself and our cat Olive. I love both of them super, super much. I love them a lot is really what I'm getting down to. I love them so much, they are my everything right now, especially my wife, Melissa. Speaking of my wife, Melissa, if you want to support her, I do just want to give a quick plug for her. She is a Twitch streamer. She is working to get Twitch partner, currently. You can find her at, and that's mint with 2 n’s, I'll put a link in the blog as well, and as well in the, in the podcast version of this.

Anyways, moving forward. I also stream on Twitch when I'm not doing voiceover stuff or I'm not making content for you guys. Like you see here. You can find me at, but the solar it's S O L R no a, slurpancake is what my friends like to call it. You know, we just have a good time. I tend to play a lot of competitive FPS games, I love playing with friends, love playing with people and love, you know, that grind, that competitive nature. That's really where I get into it. I love e-sports. I love sports, really anything like that has like some competitive drive. I love talking about it and I love doing anything with it. So, you may find me talking a lot about that here on this podcast, but I think really in this vlog, what it really boils down to is, and what anybody thinks is why do people begin to make a podcast? Some people do it because they want to make money. Some people do it because, you know, that's what, that's what they love. They find something, they love to talk about whether it's like nachos or, you know, true crime, anything like that.

This may seem a little bit odd, but really, I'm really doing this more as, um, actually I'm really doing this for several different reasons. And this is obviously not scripted, as you can tell. I really want to keep it raw for you guys. Right. I'm really, I'm doing this for a couple of reasons. The first one is, you know, gotta be candid with you. I'm a voice actor. I got to market myself out there. Um, and so I’m just putting myself out there, putting my voice out there, whether that's in podcast or blog form, um, really just want to share all of, you know, all of the things going on in my life with you guys.

It helps get my name out there more and even more so I'm

terrible at writing. I'm terrible at doing anything that resembles a journal. And so, I thought that this could also be a great way for me to kind of journal my experience through voiceover and through life. Like I talked about though, it gives me a platform to talk about things that I like, just like other people.

This is going to kind of be like a variety podcast. There's not going to be one set topic that I'm going to be talking about each week or every other week, however long I decide to do this. I haven't quite gotten to that point yet. Really, um, this can be anything from like me sharing some stream highlights that I had during any of my streams, it could be about any of the voiceover work that I've recently done in that I happened to not be under NDA or any voiceover stuff, you know, frustrations or concerns, and that I can talk about. I can talk about video game news. I love video games and even more I love e-sports. Currently Valorant e-sports and Overwatch e-sports are two of the biggest that I keep a track of. So, I'll definitely be talking about that a lot. Overwatch 2 is coming out soon, Overwatch being my favorite g

ame of all time right now, I Absolutely love it. I may talk about that a lot. I'll talk about national and local sports. And my brother, um, actually is possibly starting a podcast about specifically local sports, so I may be able to get him on, you know, maybe have guests, maybe have my wife in, on a podcast and a blog one of these days, you know, you never know what we could have.

But really just, like I said, at the beginning, I'm your buddy next door, right. It kind of fits into my voice profile as you can hear too, it's really kind of like what I'm all about is that I'm the guy next door. Like what would you be talking about the guy next door? Maybe it's some recipe that I found. That's amazing that I want to share with you guys that I've found that was just so delicious. Maybe it was you know, an experience that I had out and about in the world that we live in right now, maybe it's some topic that the world is currently talking

about. You know, we, we had the infamous “Will slap” the Will Smith slap recently, stuff like that. And so maybe it could relate to something about that. We never know.

Maybe it's questions that you guys have for me about anything, whether that's Overwatch, whether that's, you know, e-sports in general, whether it's video games, whether it's recipes, whether it's voiceover, family matters, anything. I'd love to be able to answer questions as well. Like I said, I want to be your buddy next door. And that's what this is really going to be about. So, this is more just like an intro to what things are going to be here on the blog/ podcast. And I really look forward to sharing, you know, my life, my experiences with you guys, and I hope that you guys enjoy and find, uh, a good sense of time about it. I hope you guys have a good time with it. That's really what I'm trying to say right now is that I hope you guys have a good time, hope that you enjoy listening to me talk. And I hope that we're able to have conversations in the future as well with any questions, comments that you guys might have and, maybe this will become a more regular thing. I really hope it does. And I look forward to sharing it with you.

So, thank you so much again, stopping by, keep an ear out. We should be posting either weekly or biweekly. Haven't really decided yet, like I said, so just keep an eye out. Um, you can find me on pretty much any social platform under the name. Mason, Stewart voiceover, or Mason Stewart VO. So, my website is You can find me on Twitter @MasonStewartvo as well as Instagram @MasonStewartvo, and then Mason Stewart voiceover on Facebook as well. You can find me there. Um, and, um, let's see anywhere else. Oh yeah, my Twitch. One more time. I look forward to seeing you guys in any of those scenes and hope to be able to talk and discuss things with you. Thank you, guys, so much again, and we'll see you next week.

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