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My location on my voiceover journey

Hey, neighbors, it's your buddy next door, Mason Stewart, I'm excited to be back in the booth with you today. Maybe a little bit shorter of a video. But I hope that what I have to say, you'll be able to understand. So we've gotten back into the swing of things, right? We're doing content, again, different things like that. And I'ma be honest with you guys. It's been hard for me, it's been really hard. Now, when I wasn't doing content and stuff, I was still doing auditions. And I was still doing all of the voiceover stuff, doing my marketing, you know, reaching out contacting people trying to get jobs trying to get work going. So really, the only thing that was missing was the content. So I took a look at my life, things going on, and all that jazz. And I'm just not feeling as fulfilled as I have in the past, with VoiceOver with everything else, many of you know. And I've talked about it here before, but I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Some people like to call us Mormons, male, whatever. Whatever helps you understand. That's a very big, important part of my life. And I apologize if I get emotional, I'm one emotional person. But here's the deal. I believe very deeply that God guides and gives give counsel, to our souls, to our spirits. Some of you that are may not be religious, I believe that he's still guides, your souls and your choices and your actions. And the world outside of my church views that differently. And that's okay. I want to make sure that this relates to everybody. So please hear me out. I call it you know, the influence of the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit. However, you tend to view that person inch in the Godhead. Others that may not be religious may see this as you know, fate, or just a gut feeling. But over the last month or so, I've been battling back and forth. Because I've put time, effort, money and put my soul into doing voiceover. I'm not seeing the return. I understand. It's like a very, it's a very, it's a very competitive world in voiceover. And it's very much there's, there's a lot of factors that go into play with it. But I've done everything I have been taught, and everything I know, in my power to do voiceover. I've had coaches tell me, I don't really know why you're not getting booked. And I don't know, they've been in it a lot longer than me. And I just want to stop any thoughts right now, I'm not quitting voiceover right now. But the impressions to my soul, which I interpret as the influences of the Holy Ghost, you can see it as gut instinct, or just instinct or reaction, you know, whatever it may be karma. But I feel very deeply that I need to start looking at different careers, and different things to generate income for myself, my wife and my future family. That may eventually mean that I give up voiceover. I have a lot of subscriptions, and I've got a lot of contacts that I'm working through. So and I don't want to give up. I'm not I'm not that kind of person that gives up. But there comes a time, right? If you're a boxer, I think that's a great analogy. If you're a boxer, you're in this ring, right? MMA, whatever boxer MMA, whatever helps you feel better. This type of example for me, it's going to make more sensitive and MMA style.

If you've ever watched mixed martial arts, you go in there, and if somebody puts you into a hold, right, they've got you in a chokehold like they're choking. You know, they're, they're doing something that's extremely painful to try to get you to submit, right? And to escape that, and to end the match, and just to say, I'm done, I'm not gonna fight anymore, you tap out, you tap, you tap the ring, you say, I'm done. I'm done. Right now, I'm not tapping out. But there comes a point. In any, I'm trying to think of the right word, adventure is the word I was going to use, which is a little bit appropriate. But really, in any sort of business, especially any sort of business thing. You have to really look and decide when is the loss of money? Too much, right. And that's where I'm at right now. My, over my voice over death, unfortunately, continues to grow, because I'm not getting the jobs and putting in the work, do what I need to. I don't know what else to do. It's frustrating. It is. And so there may come a time, in the near future within the next year, that all come and I'll do one of these videos, and it'll be the last one.

I know most of my videos are inspiring. But this is a vlog. I'm here to show you what's going on in my life. And the realness of it. There comes a point in time where any sort of hobby, ambition, job career gets to a point of no return, right? If I if I'm not getting any return on my investment, the things I'm putting into it, there has to come a time where you have to stop, you have to readjust and put that investment into something else. And so I've started to explore some other options while still working on VoiceOver. So I don't just go out of voiceover immediately and not have anything lined up. But I want you to know each and every one of you that it's okay. What is success? The world business people inside of voiceover or whatever profession that you're attempting to get into, may tell you that success means that you're making tons and tons of money, and that you're doing all of these things, right? And that's not really the case, is it? That means you're successful, but that doesn't mean you weren't a success. Look at any inventor, famous or otherwise, right? It took Thomas Edison, however many tries, I don't remember there's some like, famous number of tries, it took him to figure out how to make a light bulb. And they're like, Oh, how did you feel when you failed? All those times, he's like, I didn't fail. I just figured out how to not make a light bulb. Right? And unfortunately, it's the same thing for us. And a lot of us forget that. Right. And it's that, while I may not be working on one specific thing, right? Like a light bulb, I'm working on myself. And I've now found out that while like my voice, and abilities may lend itself to voiceover right now. They're not hiring for what I provide. And so it's not something that's fit for me at this time. And so I need to move on. Doesn't mean I've failed, means I've found something that I wasn't supposed to do. Whether you believe it's God's plan, like I do, whether you believe it's life's plan and your own plan that you're making, and it just wasn't meant to be. Sometimes those things happen and it's going to be hard. It's hard for me right now you can tell I've been crying. But in the end leaving something good. We've talked about good, better best on this right? Voiceover may be a good thing for me. Could have been a better thing. Is it the best at this point? I don't know. Because I'm not getting those results. Now, in this year's time, as I continue to do voiceover and do other things on the side of voiceover starts to pop off and it goes crazy. Maybe it is the best thing. And I will been glad that I've endured through. But if that Mark hits, So Mark, I have I'm not going to share it here publicly. But there's a there's a, there's a goal because you have to have attainable goals, right? I can't just say I want to be a voice actor. I have to have attainable goals, and I have those goals written down. And if I'm not hitting those certain goals, by certain days, then I need to move on. And that's how it is in life. Relationships, jobs, businesses, careers, hobbies. Set yourself realistic goals. There's an acronym real. R stands for realistic. K. E. A. L. That's not it. Now I know I don't remember what it is. It's not real, is it? I can't remember. But you need to have realistic. Yeah, yeah, that's what it is. So are realistic,

II. Man, no, that's not go. Well, that part of the video was was a flop, I've kind of lost my train of thought, make your goals realistic, make them attainable, make them based off of a timetable. Because if you don't, then you're just going to be stuck in a loop. And that's where I've been for the last little while is stuck in a loop. I don't want to be stuck in a loop. I want to progress. I want to grow. If that means stepping outside and not doing voiceover anymore. That's going to be tough for me. But it's something I'm going to have to do. And I'll leave that challenge with you guys. Set goals in your life for whatever it is. Find out if you're meeting them, exceeding them, not meeting them and adjust and adapt. Because that's what life is about is adjusting and adapting to any situation that we have. So I'll leave that with you here. Well, in this part of the video, I do have food adventure coming up later in this video. So give me a little bit. Give me Give me a quick second, I guess for you guys, as I've got to wait a little bit before I can go and get it. But we'll do this food adventure. And I'll see you guys at that food adventure. Thank you. Hey, neighbors, it's time for our food adventure. I'm very grateful that you all stick around to the end of the video to get to the food adventure. Even though was a little bit more emotional, a little bit more somber than our usual videos. But food adventure, always a good time. Always a good time to have food now. Recently, I've kept you guys updated a little bit before, but we kind of live in the middle of nowhere out here. And we just got a new shopping center and a bunch of new restaurants. One of those restaurants was a Wendy's. So we have a little bit of a fast burger place close by now, which is good and bad depending on how you look at it. But we have a Wendy's nearby now. And Wendy's has a new burger out. The new burger is called the pretzel bacon Publix cheeseburger. So let me read to you what it says on the website about this burger before we jump into it. A quarter pound of fresh never frozen beef warm beer cheese sauce Applewood Smoked Bacon, smoky honey mustard, crispy fried onions, pickles and a slice of monster cheese. All on an extra soft pretzel bun. Come for the pretzel bun. Stay for everything else. Now, I am not a huge pretzel bun person. Many of you know I'm not a big bread person in general. Um, so we'll see how the pretzel bun pairs with this. But the beer cheese I love beer cheese beer cheese's delicious applewood smoked bacon. I'm there for smokey honey mustard. Can't ever say I've had a smoky honey mustard but I'm all for it. I love crispy fried pickles. Sorry crispy fried onions if it was crispy fried pickles. I mean this would already be a top seller but crispy fried onions still not bad. You got your pickles and Monster cheese. I am a big fan of monster cheese. So I'm excited to give this burger a bite. Let's open it up shall we? Alright, well you can see that honey mustard sauce. Look at that. They kind of drenched it a little bit so might be a little overpowering on the honey mustard side. We just lost a pickle I think it was crispy onion. We're gonna try this crispy onion because it fell out

All right under my desk. Okay. Oh, okay, that sauce that's got to be the beer cheese sauce.

It's got to be the beer cheese sauce. It's pretty good. Pretty good. All right, let's take a bite of everything together now

Marshall follow my facial. Okay, that's a solid burger. That's a solid burger. And then take another bite real quick I was expecting the monster to cut through a lot more. But that beer cheese overpowers it

a lot. If you'd like beer cheese sauce. It's definitely got a unique kind of like cheesy flavor to it. You'll like the sandwich. It's really good. It's very beer cheese sauce heavy. The crispy onions and the pickles add a nice texture. I like the crunch of the onions a lot on here. I think the pickles. They kind of work. I don't know if like that hang is exactly what this needs because the beer cheese got that tank already. But overall, I'd say probably give the sandwich like an eight an eight out of 10 is what I'd give the sandwiches really good. I'd probably get it again. But you never know. Right? I've been kind of leaning more towards doing like value menu stuff recently. Just because I feel like you get a lot more food like with a five for five bigger bags. at Wendy's. I think that's a better deal. But if you are going for like a full burger, you will kind of want like a little bit more fancy is not the right word, but a little bit more like thought put into a burger other than just like meat, cheese condiments. This is very good pairing to a soft drink and fries. 100% I'd recommend it go give it a try. It's delicious. But that's where our food adventure is going to take off for the day. I hope you all have a wonderful week. One thing to note next week. I actually this is gonna sound silly. But next week, I had some extra PTO laying around Overwatch to launches next Tuesday for you to play make sure you download it, play it support those developers now that they actually have like, good money. Like money, not I can't think of the right word. They have a platform now to actually earn money from people playing the game with skins in the Battle Pass, but go support them. It's an amazing game. So for y'all play, I'm definitely going to be streaming so make sure you stop by my twitch. It's going to be Pancake Sol our pancake. It'll be on the end card here of my videos as it usually is stop on by anytime next week. If you have Amazon Prime, you can actually support me with your Amazon Prime membership and give me a free subscription for one month, which is fantastic. But yeah, stop by that's kind of what we'll be doing next week. But yeah, I think I'll be recording another video before then. So just keep an eye out for that. And I'll see you guys on the next one. Bye bye

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