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Rollerskates in focus!

Hello neighbors. Thank you again so much for stopping on by and having a little bit of a, chat with me. I appreciate each and every one of you taking time out of your day, to be able to spend some time with me, your neighbor. It was a pretty normal week to begin with as we start going into our weekly recap and, you know, just work, my day job, did auditions every day. looked up more marketing people to go to do my emails, all that kind of stuff. Nothing, was really out of the ordinary. Until that is Thursday and Friday.

So, Thursday and Friday, my wife, um, had to go into the office and, you know, go on a couple of, they, they like went out to like young living's ranch and then she went in on Friday for somebody's birthday. Anyways, long story. I've mentioned before. I'm a little bit of a home body, but the interesting thing is that when my wife isn't around it very much is a different kind of feel around the house. Right. it's a pretty big house, right? We've got, uh, four bedrooms plus the office down here that my wife has. I've got like, you know, three full baths, and we've got like a half bath as well. So it's a lot of house for me to just be alone in, by myself for like 12 hours. Um, so I had to really find things to, to entertain myself and keep myself busy. And so it started out really great because the Overwatch 2 beta.

I didn't get into the first round of beta drops, which is fine. I'm not anybody like super important in the Overwatch world. Then they had an opportunity where you could watch certain streamers and then they would give you keys for the beta. So, I was able to get into the beta. So, I ended up on Thursday playing a lot of that beta with my time, my extra time where my wife wasn't around. I started doing the same thing again on Friday, and it just like, it was wearing me down and I was trying to figure out why. To me it was because that's literally all that I was doing. My life wasn't necessarily balanced. Like I would take a little bit of time here and there do auditions, different stuff like that, but I wasn't really focusing on anything else.

And that really led me to thinking pretty deeply about some things. Um, I've mentioned before, I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And a big part of that is, you know, reading your scripture, saying your prayers, going to church, that kind of stuff. But on the other side of it, the best thing that has come out of the gospel for me, besides my relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ is the fact that I am able to keep my life balanced and they focus a lot on keeping your life balanced. Right. Um, and where your priorities should be. And I took a moment on Friday and realized that my priorities were a little bit out of balance. Right. I was heavily focusing on this game grand and it's like a brand-new game has just come out. So, it's kind like it's a little bit like understandable that I might be, um, kind of using a lot of my time. Um, but at the same time, it's like, well, I could be doing so much more, right. There are so many other things I could be doing. It's not like I'm trying to like make a career out of being a Twitch streamer or make a career out of playing video games.

And so, I needed to really focus and be like, what do I want? And knowing what you want is one of the hardest things in life. You know, just ask any wife what they want to eat for dinner. Right? All jokes aside. Um, it very much is a hard thing for any of us to know what we want. People struggle. Like what should my career be? What do I want to do with my life? Um, what, what is my purpose? Right. And all of us search for a purpose. And my relationship with Jesus Christ and the scriptures and through my church study has helped me immensely know my purpose in life. And that has helped me out so much.

And now I want to relate to anybody that may be listening that may not be religious, may not even be a part of our church, may not believe in God at all. This is still a very, very important thing is knowing your purpose. Because if you have a purpose, then everything in life makes sense. If you're not really trying to hit goals or to do anything, then nothing, really, nothing is productive if you think about it. So really it comes down to having goals.

And so, I want to challenge each and every one of you have goals. Make sure they're attainable. Make sure that they're reachable, that you're going to be able to get to it. I'll share with you some of my goals for this year in particular, my goal for this year was to book at least five voiceover jobs. So far, we are at two we're at two voiceover jobs this year, and guess what? I plan to have many more, but my goal is 5. I want to make sure that I'm doing all those things. Another goal of mine is to branch out and to figure out what my little niche in the voice over world may be. And I'm doing that through different classes, different workshops, and hopefully eventually starting those acting classes, but whether you're religious and you have a purpose or you aren’t religious and just have goals, you have to have a purpose through whatever it may be. Everything like that is so important to our lives, because if we don't have that, then we end up doing what I did this week, which was pretty much just work, played games on my computer, which not inherently a bad thing. I will still continue to play games, but I was playing them definitely too much about playing games on my computer. And then, you know, going to bed at night, with my wife, after she had done all of her. It very much felt like I was kind of like just viewing my life from an outside perspective. So just remember, always ensure that whatever your goal is your focus, right? It's your focal point.

You look at really cool photographs that have different focal points or other things going on in the background. A lot of times, whether it's other people moving in a large city, the, uh, skyscraper with a beautiful sunset, beautiful city behind, there's always more going on in our lives than anybody else can see. And sometimes that we can see, and sometimes we get so caught up in the small things that we're missing out on what the real focus needs to be. So just make sure that you're really buckling down and you're really recognizing what that focus needs to be. I think that was my major takeaway this week.

Another fun note, I'll put a couple of pictures in here, but my wife, um, has recently taken up a hobby of roller skating. Not, not rollerblading mind, your roller skating, like the old four wheeled, roller skates. Right. So we, uh, she bought herself some roller skates and we went to classic skating the other night. I very quickly learned that I am getting old and I am a little bit out of shape. So, I know I mentioned before, going to be kind of keeping a tab here as far as a weight loss goes, I really struggled this week. Like I talked about, I didn't get into my workouts, I have gained a little bit of weight, but we're going to get back into it essentially right after I finished recording and making all of my content for this upcoming. I'm going to be jumping back into that supernatural. We're going to get right back on track with that. And that's really the other real thing that I learned this week is that sometimes we are going to get off track, whatever our goal may be, but it's important to recognize that we're off track and then to recenter ourselves on whatever that track may be. That’s where we'll find success. Success isn't necessarily just in the, I'm doing this every single day, but more so in the, I am learning and I realize I messed up or I didn't do everything I wanted to do. And being 1% better, if we can be 1% better than we were the day before then that is improvement.

And that is success. I love the idea. Of just telling yourself I'm going to be 1% better today, whether that's, I'm going to make my bed this morning when I wake up, because I didn't the other day, or I'm going to play less video games today, or I'm finally going to get to that project. My wife wants me to do, I'm finally going to send out that marketing email. I'm finally going to message that person. I'm finally going to have the courage to ask somebody on a date, whatever it is. If you make yourself 1% better, every single day. One thing that you can do better as a human being, as a person, as an employee, as a spouse, as a partner, whatever it may be. If you can find 1% to make yourself better each day, that will not only benefit your life, but it's going to benefit the life of everybody around you.

So that's what I'll say on that. That’s kind of the weekly update. As far as video games stuff, like I said, Overwatch 2 beta came out very, very cool. It was super fun. I've been enjoying it a lot. The change to five vs five, definitely changes how the game feels and runs definitely feels like a completely different game. It's like Overwatch, but hey tweaked some things, which is exactly what it needs to be. There were a lot of people complaining that the sequel isn't different enough, but in reality, the sequel was never going to be super different. It's simply that it's Overwatch, but better granted, I think that they didn't need to necessarily starve us dry for two and a half years, but Hey, progress is progress. Am I right?

Let's see, I'm trying to think of any other big game things that oh yes. Yes. Um, Nintendo switch sports just came out. Um, many of you may be familiar with the old school will sports or wii sports resort. Definitely childhood throwbacks for myself. But Nintendo switch has just released their new iteration on their sports genre, which is fantastic. We tried it out last night. They've got some great new games, some old classics, all updated with their new engines. It's just fantastic. Super, super fun. I thoroughly enjoyed, um, the sword fighting, so they had sword fighting and wii sports resort. Uh, but it was very basic, I guess, is the best way to say. And this one, it was a lot more compact, um, a lot more streamline and you're able to have defensive and offensive maneuverable maneuvers. So that was really fun. They had volleyball, they had soccer, they had tennis at bowling. I'm trying to think of what oh, and badminton. All of which were super fun. I love wii, sports it was such a blast.

Last thing as far as video games go, uh e-sports right. I've talked about it before. We've kind of been in a lull just because I don't follow valor e-sports that much, but guess what Overwatch e-sports is about to kick them back up into high gear. So be prepared because we are going to be having a small segment about how our team, that we're cheering for the Los Angeles gladiators have. Their first game is going to be on May 5th, make sure you're tuning in on YouTube. So that's going to be the Overwatch league, YouTube channel, a small plug there. Make sure you go and watch it there. It's going to be a great time watching them play in the five vs five is going to be fantastic.

So just to wrap things up for the day, remember set a goal as that goal in mind, and even when we fall. Make sure we pick ourselves back up and we get back on track. We get back in focus. We do the things that we need to do, and we make ourselves a 1% better every single day to benefit. Not only us, but everyone around us. Remember be the kind of person you want your neighbor to be, be kind, be courteous, be thoughtful. And most importantly, love, love. That's really the true message of Christianity, whether you're a Christian or not. Jesus Christ showed an example of love to each individual that he met. Even those that were crucifying him, ridiculing him, calling him a fraud. And if Jesus Christ can do that, I know each one of us can.

So, remember be 1% better, be kind and love everyone and be the kind of person you want your neighbor to be. Thank you so much neighbors. I really appreciate everybody sticking by. Um, again, make sure to follow my socials. That will be at the end of this video. Um, you can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch as well probably a couple times a week streams, about video games.

Thank you so much and I will catch you all on the next one. Take care.

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