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Spooky Mystery food adventure!

Hey neighbors I hope you guys have had a wonderful week. I'm excited to be back in the booth with you right now and to talk about some exciting stuff going on in my life not a whole lot of updates so maybe a little bit shorter of a video and like my teaser said on all of my socials yesterday, fantastic spooky food challenge not challenge really about spooky food adventure going on today, so have a lot of stuff happening. But let's jump right into it. And of September, we're into a new quarter now. I'm getting ready. I'm getting my list together of all of the contacts I've made throughout the years. And I'm sending them my quarterly update letting them know I'm still available for work and different things like that. So hoping some good things come out of that. Just finished up recently in my class with Jennifer Hale. That was a fantastic time lot learned a lot of great things, especially for my mental game. And I have to admit, applying meditation and other things that I've talked about here on this channel with you guys has been fantastic. I can't imagine my life without them Now something I do on a daily basis, along with you know, like my personal scripture reading different things that better my life. So just a strong reminder and encouragement to all of you find routines in your life that bring value and they bring joy because that's what it's all about. Things that bring value and bring joy and reset your mind to a good place. So implementing that has been fantastic for me. Still doing auditions doing all of that stuff, but I didn't have any like big things that happened in the world of voiceover this week. Not next Saturday. But wait, yeah, not this Saturday, but next Saturday I do start another class, which is about booking more work and you know, learning how to better send auditions in our online world. And that's what Scott burns. I'm super excited about that. I think I've mentioned it before, but he's the voice of Bowser, one of the only North American voices of Bowser ever. And he was in Super Mario Sunshine. And vast number of other hosts host of things that he's done. He's also been a voice director. So he's been on both sides of the mic, giving a really unique experience and helping us along and it's a really small class. So we're definitely going to be like getting into the nitty gritty. So I'm really excited about that. But as far as voiceover goes, that's about it. The The last thing I will mention, and it kind of ties into my normal life. So I think this is a great segue is that we're actually going to be starting a new series here on this YouTube channel. It's going to be called the breakfast nook. Now, in my personal time, what I love to do is when I'm not doing voiceover stuff, I've sent all my auditions I've sent all my marketing for the day. I've done pretty much everything that I can do. You know there's always more that you can do but I tend to try to I don't want to burn myself out. I don't want to work work work, work, work, work work and and just never, never get a relief from that especially you know, with the way things have been going like I've talked about on this podcast. So I found it very good to have some sort of distraction for me and what I've decided to do is I've talked about before I love Overwatch I love professional Overwatch I love regular Overwatch. It's one of my favorite things. So I've decided to get back into streaming. But I also decided this would be a great time actually. My my sister in law, her partner, Blake Mecklenburg. They recommended that maybe I read some short stories are something on stream to get you know, people more interested get my work out there a little bit more and I thought that was a fantastic idea. So um, I read a short story on stream last week. And going forward. I've got a series of books that I loved reading growing up and I think it is going to be fantastic to read with you guys here. So I'm going to be reading that on streams. And then I'll take that portion the breakfast nook portion of my stream which happens right at the beginning, and it will become a new series here on this YouTube if you miss the stream I don't have a set schedule about streaming. So maybe kind of varied, but every time I will try to get at least a chapter in from some kind of book or short story. That being said, I want to transition that directly into what's going on this week because I find it very exciting. I feel like a little kid at Christmas I really do. I'm super hyped

Overwatch today I'm recording this on October 3 And as of today, Overwatch his servers are gone. Overwatch itself is a game that is no more it does not exist tomorrow at 1pm Mountain Time. Overwatch two will begin and it will take its place and I can't be more excited. I may be a little bit ambitious and a little bit of a nerd and little bit of crazy whatever you want to call it. But I took Wednesday through Friday off of my day job and so I can play Overwatch more. That being said, I'm not going to stop doing voiceover stuff. I will keep getting content content out to you. I will still be doing auditions doing all that stuff. But one to allow myself a little bit more time to kind of grind this new game. Because this game has meant a lot to me. I put out a tweet yesterday, before the servers went down about how much this game has meant to me before I played Overwatch. I was kind of dabbling in voiceover. I was you know, just working and I actually just had knee surgery but that game more than anything else in my life opened me up. I was a very introverted person. I didn't really like sharing my feelings. I didn't like talking to other people. I didn't like any of it. And Overwatch changed that for me. I wanted to be so good at the game like growing up like I wanted to be a football player. I wanted to play basketball, right? I want to do these sports things. And when I got to it, like nothing really like when I played them, I didn't really feel that drive to get better and to be better. But as soon as Overwatch dropped that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be better now. I understand I'm getting older. You know, I'm a Boomer and gamer years, but I don't have reaction time like I used to. That's just how it is right when you get old. I'm very old for like video games in like a competitive environment. But I really want to put myself out there and Overwatch to going forward. I really want to hunker down and focus on that. And so Overwatch means a lot to me. And it might seem silly because it's just a video game right? It's just pixels on a screen but in reality like it has changed so much for me some my best friendships I have are because of Overwatch and the enjoyment I get out of life and being able to do things with people like during the pandemic having Overwatch was such a saving grace, because I could still talk to the people that I that I hung out with, right because we hang out in a game and it was fantastic and I want to continue to share that and that's why I want to stream a little bit more often. So make sure you go and follow me. If you also happen to play Overwatch. You can stop by the stream this week, starting on Friday, and a certain time drops are going to be available and as long as you watch any Overwatch stream including yours truly for I think it's like two hours, six hours I don't remember but anyways, you can actually get a free Kyriacos skin the new hero that's coming out but I'm just like I'm absolutely thrilled and I'm so excited for Overwatch to like I said I'm like a little kid at Christmas. I'm hoping I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. So that's like the real big thing that's coming up. Now as far as recapping goes. I've mentioned many times on on here. Sorry, I was stepping on something mentioned many times on here. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And we just had our general conference and that's where the leaders of the church the worldwide church, not just like our local leaders but the worldwide church leaders, the Prophet, apostles 70 They all give talks of encouragement or gospel related things this weekend and it was very uplifting. I know that you know, some of you that listen may not be members of the church. But I'm not here to like sell you on it or anything but I can tell you, for me personally, and that's what this is, is a vlog, right? It's me talking about my feelings and different things like that. But for me, it brought me so much peace and hopefulness for life going forward. So that combined with the the announcement and I guess not an athlete, but the the actual like visualization of Overwatch to coming to be after three years of waiting is fantastic and I can't wait to see what that brings. But please make sure to stop by starting tomorrow night will actually when you're watching this. It's going to be Tuesday, October 4 Starting October 4 I will be streaming every single day this week to make sure that I am sharing my love of Overwatch with all of you. We should be doing some breakfast nuts at the beginning of those streams

minus Tuesday. I kind of want to just jump right in since I still have to work my day job. I want to jump right in as soon as I get off. But Wednesday onward we'll definitely be doing some breakfast notes there will be uploading them to YouTube like I said, so keep an eye out for that first episode should be coming out here soon. But yeah, that's pretty much our weekly recap a little bit longer than I thought it would be but I kind of went off on some tangents so that's on me, but we can jump right to our food adventure because as any responsible gamer does. I had to prepare for this week long adventure of Overwatch too. So I got myself hot pockets. I got myself pizza rolls, I got myself some cheese stick snacks I got myself some some almonds, right but no gamer situation is complete without some Mountain Dew and I was super thrilled that Mountain Dew every year comes out with

the Voodoo right at voodoo you can count it's a play on words guys. Voodoo voodoo.

Anyways, the funny thing about voodoo is that it is a you can see at the top here it says mystery flavor who OMA so we're gonna give this a SIP they also have a zero sugar version and I tend to go for the zero sugar versions myself and you know, just attempting to try to be a little bit healthier. I know pizza rolls and Hot Pockets don't really mix with that but you you kind of get the idea, you know? But let's give this a taste to see if we can figure out what the mystery flavor is. We'll give it a sniff here first. Smells kind of citrusy I mean, that's kind of like staple Mountain Dew but let's let's give it a taste and see see what it tastes like I'm trying to see if there's any hints on the can here. We got some tombstones. There is something on the bottom here. That does have the number four I don't know if that means anything. Limited Edition 2022 mystery flavor. All right. No mystery flavor it is. can't really tell what what color the liquid is. The it's clear the liquid is clear. So I'm not getting anything off of that but let's give it a sip


if you guys have have Mountain Dew voltage this is like similar to that but it's like a lot more light flavor. It's like It tastes very berry right? But not like a blue like the voltage because the voltage is like the blue raspberry right? They're like Supercharged. It just tastes like a lighter Berry. I don't even know how to describe it. It's not strawberry. It just tastes like Berry. You know berry when they have berry flavored stuff on candy. That's kind of what it tastes like to me. Maybe I'll figure out what it is later. But I would say it's Berry. I think this is a fantastic soda. If you'd like berry flavored soda, go and pick yourself up some for the spooky season. Also in the comments, make sure you go ahead write down what are you going to be spooky for for Halloween? What is your spooky spooky costume that you're doing this year? Or if you don't dress up at all like me? I tend to not dress up. But that's what we're going to leave this episode here guys have your buddy next door thank you so much for sticking by I know there are many that read the blog that listen to the podcast that watch these vlogs and it means a lot to me that you guys stick around. Make sure you come by the stream as well. Make sure you watch that ending card of the YouTube video. It has my stream URL there. Make sure you're typing in come in and say hi, if you have an Amazon subscription. You can also like your Amazon Prime. I mean if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can also make an account a free account on Twitch and you can subscribe to me for free using Jeff Bezos money. So if you want to support me without having to do anything out of your own pocket, make an account use your Amazon Prime subscription and subscribe to me with it. But I will see you guys hopefully before next week, and you stopped by my stream I hope to see you guys there and if not, we'll catch you on the next one. We'll see you on the next one!

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